Biotechnical processing

The extraction of natural fibers for industrial use is a microbial process that separates fibers from stems. Good quality natural fiber raw material and the use of well characterized microbial enzymes have essential role in order to achieve good quality natural fibers at industrial scale.

Biotechnical retting process, developed by Arctic Fiber Company Ltd, is a continuous biotechnical process for controlled maceration of natural fibers using different enzyme preparations and microbial cultures. AFC Bioprocess is easily expanded, enables production automation having low operational costs. The whole process is closed minimizing unwanted microbial effects. The process is also easily controlled. Retting time can be adjusted depending on the type of processed fibers or quality of fibers needed in different technical applications.

AFC Bioprocess produces uniformquality fiber economically for high added value products. It is tailored according to required end product and is specified for flax but is also suitable for other natural fibers like hemp, jute, nettle, etc.